• Experience Personnel

    “We believe our greatest strength and asset is our expertise & dedicated staff”

    Our team is comprised of highly experienced and qualified engineers, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) personnel, trained and experienced technicians and skilled laborers. With a very strong management and expertise staff, UTS is ready to handle any projects promising on-time and on-budget project completion and delivery. We have the ability to mobilize an expertise project teams for any projects within a short notice.

  • Plant & Equipment

    UTS has an extensive fleet of plant & equipment, which includes cranes, lifting gears & tackles, welding machines, blasting & painting equipments, compressors, forklifts, boom loaders and an array of power tools and QC Inspection equipment. All our equipment is owned, operated and maintained by us, and meets all customer and national certification requirements.

  • Workshop & Fabrication Facilities

    The UTS Fabrication Yard has an Open Yard Workshop of 2200 square meters and a Covered Workshop of 1600 square meters. All the welding & fabrication activities are carried out in the open yard and it is equipped with a fully facilitated Blasting area. The Covered Workshop is fully equipped CNC Machine Workshop and is equipped with the following machines:

    • CNC Beam Drilling Machine
    • CNC Beam Cutting Machine
    • CNC Plate Drilling Machine
    • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
    •  Hydraulic Shearing Machine
    • Hydraulic Bending Machine
    • Hydraulic Press Machine.
    • Power Hack Saw Machine
    • Radial Drilling Machine
    • Rolling Machine
    • Punching Machine
    •  Shaper machine
    • Surface Grinding Machine
    • Drill Press Machine
    •  Lathe Machine

    UTS also has a permanent Fabrication Yard at RAK Maritime City  which is capable of berthing marine vessels like tug boats, ships and barges.